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Phat is an Arlington Heights, Illinois based band who plays at local parties, bars, and backyards. There are four members of Phat. Mike Smolarek is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player for the band. He is 22 and loves beautiful babies. Matt Yetzer,21, is the loud guitar player. When not playing guitar, Matt is pole vaulting. Joe Sprenger,23, is the bass player. In his free time, Joe looks for lost frisbees in wetlands. Matt Tenny, 22, is the drummer and other vocalist. While he is not drumming, Matt is searching for a cure for baldness.



This is a picture of Phat shortly after their second run-in with the Arlington Heights Police. At their last show on August 9, police were called twice to stop the show and arrest the members of the band.(From left to right, Joe Sprenger, Matt Yetzer, Matt Tenny and Mike Smolarek).

This is a picture taken after the last picture. The band was frisked, arrest, and hauled off in a paddy wagon for impersonating a band without a permit. A benefit concert will be held to raise their bail.

The only person in the band whos actually is fat is Mike Smolarek. If you can guess his weight within one pound, you win a free Phat T-Shirt.


(Photo Credits-Val Kalinowski, Karen Baumeister, and Yvonne Yetzer