Far Away

By Mike Smolarek


Far away

is where I want to be

when I cannot be alone.

Not here

with city noises,

trains and cars

and people walking their dogs

passing noisily by.

There I can be

sitting in silence

thinking of you

and sleeping alone.


Far away

is where I wish I was

when you are angry.

Not here

where the words rip in

like the daggers that killed Caesar.

There, no one screams

or hollers or runs away

and I can be alone.


Far away

is where I am right now

because of what I did.

Not here

with you like I should

before I threw it all away.

Here I can think

of why I did it,

come up with nothing,

and be alone.


Far away

is where I am banished

now that I am not with you.

Not there

curled up on the couch

with a movie,

a giant bowl of popcorn

and a warm blanket.

Here I wonder

if there is someone else there

taking my place

while I am here.