Old Green Clothes

By Mike Smolarek



The little wooden bridge

Over the train tracks

On Oak street

Surrounded by big, big trees

Is where I had my first kiss.


Kimmy Klein

Met me there after school,

After giving me a note

That said:

Meet me at the Oak street bridge.


I was wearing me green corduroys

With the blank spot on the pocket

From when I spilled Elmer's glue

Then picked it away,

Pulling off the cords.


Kimmy was also wearing green,

A light green Oscar the grouch T-shirt,

With dark green sleeves,

Her long auburn hair

falling down her shoulders

as she smiled,

showing her little teeth.


I leaned towards her

closed my eyes

clenched my lips

waiting for it to happen.

Her lips pushed against mine

then it was over.


Before she left

I said

"If you tell anyone about this

I'll knock your head off."

After all,

I had a reputation to uphold.