She doesn't Believe



She doesn't believe what I say,

or understand that when she tells me to take out the garbage

I do it not because she tells me,

but because I want to.


She doesn't understand that the little things

I get her that I know she wants,

I get because she likes them,

not because I feel obligated to.


She will never know

That when I rub her shoulders

After she has had a hard day

And her normally smooth shoulders are tight and knotted,

I rub them because it makes me happy too.


She will never learn

That just seeing her smile first thing in the morning

Makes my day and keeps me moving

Remembering that I get to end my day with her too.


She doesn't believe me.

When I say that I love her

Not only do I mean at the moment,

But forever,

Even if she doesn't believe me.