Transaction log:


September 28, 1997


-Circle Jerks released C, Igor Lirianov, Detroit, and signed R, Jason Dawe, Buffalo

October 14,1997
Circle Jerks released C, Steve Rucchin, Anaheim, and D, Eric DesJardins, Philadelphia, and signed C, Brian Bradley, Tampa Bay, and D, Daryl Shannon, Buffalo.
Kalamazoo Chickens released C, Sergei Federov, Detroit, and signed C, Craig Janney, Phoneix

October 24, 1997
All the King's men drop G, Curtis Joseph, Edmonton, and sign G, Olaf Kolzig, Washington.
All the King's men release D, Oleg Tverdovsky, Phoenix, and sign D, Eric DesJardins, Philadelphia.
Dual Citizen drop L, Eric Daze, Chicago, and sign C, Sergei Federov, Detriot.

October 30, 1997
Crack In my Butt released Eric Weinrich D, Chicago, and signed Calle Johansson, D, Washington.
Cock Massage released R Donald Audette, Buffalo and signe R Daniel McKay, New Jersey.

November 7, 1997
The Kalamazoo Chickens released R Keith Jones, Colorado, and signed R Kevin Dineen, Carolina.
The Mloofheads released L Martin Gelinas, Vancouver, and signed L Shawn Mceachern, Ottowa. They also release D Jyrki Lumme, Vancouver and Signed D Rob Brown, Pittsburgh.
Pulford released D Roman Hamrlik, Tampa Bay, and signed D Shawn Chambers, Dallas.
Dual Citizen released R Mike Gartner, Phoenix, and signed R Eric Daze, Chicago.

December 5, 1997
The Mloofheads released L Wendell Clark, Toronto and added L Ray Whitney, Florida.

November 20, 1997
Dirty Whore released C Mike Peca, Buffalo, and signed C Shayne Corson, Montreal.
The Kalamazoo Chickens released D Frederic Olaussen, Pittsburgh, and sigened D Patrise Brisebois, Montreal.

December 12, 1997
The Kalamazoo Chickens released R Kevin Dineen, Carolina, and signed R Jamie Langbrunner, Dallas

January 8, 1998
The Circle Jerks released C Brian Bradley, Tampa Bay and signed C Igor Lirianov, Detroit.
The Mloofheads released C Petr Nedved, Pittsburgh and signed C Jason Allison, Boston.
January 15, 1998
Dual Citizen released C Sergei Federov, Detroit, and signed C Bill Guerin, Edmonton.

March 5, 1998
Gord Murphy and the Mloofheads release R Dino Cicirelli, Florida, and signed R Sergei Federov, Detriot.
Pulford released crippled L Luc Robataille, Los Angeles for russian L Vladimir Tsyplakov, Los Angeles.