Adam Drake Fantasy Hockey League, 1997-1998

Hey Kids! Welcome to the page! This is where all the info will be, including league standings, individual players stats and, of couse the transaction page. Now, the real question is who is going to be the new Josh Potts.

There is about a month left in the season, so buck up. Oh yeah, I need money now!
The transaction log is fully updatedd also.


League standings

Now the Team by Team Breakdowns

All the King's Men Karl "Pulford" Bursa

Kalamazoo Chickens Adam "Last Place" Drake

Gergg's Gang Greg "Gergg" Gansmann

Crack In my Butt Sal "School Sucks" Granatelli

Circle Jerks Brandon "Insert Last Name Here"

Cock Massage Jim "Jimmy Hat" Nemeth

Gord Murphy and the Mloofheads Mike "Smo" Smolarek

Dirty Whore Adrian "Todd" Zuniga

Dual Citizen Michael "Snoop Youngy-Young" Young

The Frank Stigemen Bob "Phrancine" Wichard

Transaction Log

Last update's standings

The 1997-1998 draft
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